For 2015, Cartier has replica watches released the brand new

For 2015, Cartier has replica watches released the brand new Clé de Cartier watch collection for men and women. We've included the Clé de Cartier as one of our 10 new watches for SIHH 2015, and for good reason: it showcases not only a completely new case case, but a new movement as well. While the 2015 Clé watches will be offered exclusively in 18k gold (various colors), we expect Cartier to enrich the Clé de Cartier collection more in the coming years and will likely offer steel models as well. So let's go over the Cartier Clé de Cartier watches for 2015 and see what makes Cartier's new dress watch collection interesting.

"Clé" stands for "key" and refers to the crown of the new watch which is not the typical round crown. Instead, Cartier Clé de Cartier watches have long crowns that offer an interesting tactile experience. The crowns lock into place and once turned you feel like you are literally winding the key of an old watch or pocket watch. The "key style" crowns are cabochon sapphire blue - a hallmark of most Cartier watches.

While Cartier designed the Clé de Cartier collection for men and women, the larger model is 40mm wide and what guys will gravitate to. The case is more or less in the shape of a tonneau with a round dial. The case is also curved and sits on the wrist with incredible comfort. Cartier demonstrates its extraordinary ability to offer a refined, unique and familiar look. There is nothing I find more exciting than a new watch family that will be built to include a number of models over the years. Cartier was the last to be able to do this with new model families such replica watches uk as the Ballon Bleu and the Caliber.

Looking closely at the Cartier Clé de Cartier case, you can admire the elegance and sophistication that Cartier wanted it to be evoked. Cartier has certainly been successful in producing a design that incorporates a number of very interesting lines when viewed closely, as well as a shape that is attractive when viewed from a distance.